Salaam et Paalam

22. Afro-Asian. Womanist.

Circa 1920s-1960s Hollywood glamour.

Music, film, fashion, art, socioeconomics, politics.

Blah blah blah.

omg no.

i found out from my mom that in the Philippines one of our cousin is selling a new kind of bleaching product that you slather onto your skin and within 5 days time you can peel off this new layer of skin. 

It sounds absolutely fucking disgusting. The kicker is that its made out of aluminum.  

Speaker: Could anyone tell me what language they speak in the Philippines? Anyone?

Random white guy: Tagalac.

Speaker: Anyone?

Random White Guy: (with extreme certainty) To answer your question its Tagalac.

Speaker: It's actually tagalat. I know this because I was stationed at Clark.


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