Salaam et Paalam

22. Afro-Asian. Womanist.

Circa 1920s-1960s Hollywood glamour.

Music, film, fashion, art, socioeconomics, politics.

Blah blah blah.

Huda Shaarawy’s Harem Years


Rich Girl Problems. 

It literally ends right when she starts to become politically active. It is about 100 pages of the daily struggles of Egypt’s elite. Taking extravagant trips to Europe, rubbing shoulders with royalty, and occasionally mentioning women’s issues. The introduction and epilogue were far more informative than anything in the memoir.

I am being harsh because I am disappointed. I had higher hopes for one of Egypt’s feminist pioneers.

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Reading the Bell Jar just brings up old memories I hope to never experience again…

no you’re fine. i like his writing, like the style and imagery, but for the most part he is a misogynist and doesn’t offer very much insight on the colonial issues he wrote about. i secretly love it though despite those issues.
I’ve heard from a few people that he is pretty misogynistic.  I’ve heard that you either love him or you hate him for his style.  Maybe one day I’ll give him a try.

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