Salaam et Paalam

22. Afro-Asian. Womanist.

Circa 1920s-1960s Hollywood glamour.

Music, film, fashion, art, socioeconomics, politics.

Blah blah blah.

Well it’s that time of the month again and I’m upset.  I don’t really PMS, but today I am and all I can say that it’s really bad right now.  I figured I’ll eat, sleep, drink tons of water in between. 

Today I’ve been looking at the top MBA schools world wide and found out from my schools website that we entered into the Hult Global Case Challenge.  Honestly, I think it’s awesome that my school was selected to become a participant though we didn’t win.  However, my sudden fascination had turned into rage within the last 10 minutes.

*Thank mother nature for interfering with my hormones*

Some teams that are entered into this competition have about 1-2 women, while other teams have no female presence.  However, I did find one final team that had about 3 (can’t remember where they were from).  I expected to see something like that as most econ policy/finance type competitions (and companies) operate in fairly male dominated world.  Most of my irritation stems from the ‘featured attendees.’  No women featured (though there were several in the past years, but probably not 50/50 or even 60/40 in the same year), just all men.  And one man of color who was Mohammed Yunus of the Grameen Bank who was on the international boards representing women’s interests. I can see him being on those boards for a number of reasons. But yeaah…just upset they didn’t find a woman of color that didn’t come from a privileged background.  Nothing is good enough for me right now. T_T

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